Drainage coating for bike paths

In order to meet the growing demand from users, communities and town halls are investing exponentially in the infrastructures related to cycling.
Whether it is in the city or suburban areas, it is essential to offer users a safe bike path in good condition.
In order to meet the demand of staes and communities, Résineo flooring draining coatings are perfectly suited for use of cycling paths.
The Resineo Drain range, porous coating made from resin and mineral aggregates will be the most suitable solution for this application.

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    Sécurisez vos pistes cyclables été comme hiver grâce au revêtement drainant Résineo Drain

    Resineo Drain is a coating that will make your bicycle paths safer. Thanks to its draining performance, it avoids the stagnation of the water on the surface and thus avoids the risk of aquaplaning. In addition, its non-slip finish reduces the risk of slipping for maximum user comfort.

    The advantages of Resineo Drain for use on bicycle paths:


    No accumulation of gravel that can lead to falls and slips.


    No stagnation of surface water in case of bad weather.

    Traitement anti-glissance

    Traitement de finition anti-glissance qui limite le risque de glissade.

    High temperature resistant

    For the same colour, the temperature observed on the surface of the Resineo Drain coating is on average 5°C lower than other commonly used coatings (especially coated). In periods of high heat, this limits the effect of thermal island often observed.


    The Resineo drain coating is the only draining coating made of resin and mineral aggregates to have obtained certification by the CSTB. This allows us to guarantee the coating for 10 years.

    Mark your bike paths directly in the ground

    colours aggregates

    Thanks to its cast in place installation system, Résineo Drain is completely customizable. Spotlights, luminescent aggregates or custom shapes can be easily integrated directly into the ground.

    Some examples of customization on a bike path:

    • Use two colours: one colour for one meaning and one colour for the other
    • Integrate arrows and other markings directly without using paint
    • Secure your bike paths at night thanks to the integration of spotlights or luminescent aggregates

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