Résineo is a range of flooring materials that is elaborated and manufactured by LR Vision, a French company established in 2004 in the Toulouse region. The company was founded by University Professor Erick Ringot and by Guillaume Lemaire (Doctor of Science and graduated in Management of Innovation), both being reputated specialists in building materials.

Erick Ringot, Co-gérant de LRVision

Guillaume Lemaire, Co-gérant de LRvision
Guillaume LEMAIRE

An innovative company

The managers of LRVision are constantly driven to innovation and they therefore based their company expansion on Research & Development.
Alongside its manufacturing unit, LRVision has its own laboratory with high-level experts in construction chemicals and coatings.

résine de sol revetement drainant

A dynamic company

Located in the heart of a TechnoPark, LRVision conducts researches in collaboration with laboratories of schools and universities of Toulouse.
As a matter of example, over the past 3 years, LRVision has, among others :

  • financed a doctoral thesis concerning depolluting coatings in collaboration with the Laboratory of Civil Engineering of Toulouse,
  • been the pilot to install the AgriBTP project (creation of vegetal origin products for the construction industry),
  • initiated the project of creation of coatings aiming at the depollution of indoor air, within the Advancity pole of competitivity.

LRVision is very much involved with the local official bodies. It is a member of the CERES, and also of the pole of competitivity Agri Sud-Ouest and it leads the JENI association (association of young innovative companies).


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Quality and environment

LRVision management system has the ISO 9001 certification since 2011. That certification confirms the level of quality that has been reached by the company to satisfy its clients.

And LRVision points out now its environmental approach with the objective of having soon the ISO 14001 certification.
It has already secured the EnVol certification in close connexion with AFNOR and the local Chamber of Commerce, which is the sign that it overcomes its main impacts on environment to be more and more ecological.