Floor coverings for sanitary facilities and camping/resort showers

Subject to the most severe expectations of users, bathrooms and showers are a key place in a campsite or resort.
Resineo Drain solution, flooring made from resin and mineral aggregates will be ideally suited for use in outdoor sanitary camping.

Thanks its draining power the coating will :

  • Ensure the safety of users by avoiding the risk of slipping
  • Ensure optimal hygiene by avoiding stagnant water and thus limit the risk of contagion of fungi.
  • Ease and speed up the cleaning of external parts. A spray of water is sufficient to clean the surface of the coating and thus limit the fouling of the soil by sand or earth.

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A coating that will bring a touch of modernity to your sanitary facilities

surface coating sanitaire camping

The wide range of colors of aggregates and the various possibilities of customization will make Resineo Drain your essential partner to make sanitary and showers more modern and welcoming.

surface coating durable and easy to maintain

Due to their intensive use, the sanitary facilities of campsites and outdoor hotels require special attention in terms of maintenance and durability.


The combination of a high-performance resin with natural aggregates for an aesthetics that is stable over time. Durability" certification (UV/Humidity/Rain resistance): ISO 11341 - "Mechanical resistance" certification: NF EN 196-1.

Easy to maintain

The nature of the resin limits the incrustation of dirt. An annual cleaning with the Resineo Maintenance product is sufficient to restore the shine of the aggregates.


The many cavities of the Resineo Drain allow ventilation of the floor, which makes the surface less warm and gives enough volume for the expansion of the gel: up to 5°C less.

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